Map of the Heart

One of the most gratifying aspects of going to Pitti Fragranze year after year is watching things grow. Brands, fragrances, people, ideas, and trends. Held in Florence every September, Pitti Fragranze, an international artistic perfumery trade fair, brings together all that is fine in the artistic perfumery sector.   This year one of the most exciting […]

Mugler Follies

Mugler Follies   The Mugler Follies, a cabaret extravaganza of typically Mugler-esque over the top proportion, debuts this week in Paris.   Perfume lovers will be thrilled to know that the creator of ‘Angel’, ‘Alien’, ‘A*Men’, and ‘Womanity’ (Clarins Fragrance Group) has turned his creative talents in yet a new direction.   Better known as […]

Jacques Huclier: A Perfumer’s Take on Cocktails at the Mandarin Oriental

While the days of the 2 martini lunch in New York of the ‘60s may be past, cocktail bars in Paris of the ‘10s are flourishing. Sharing mid-summer cocktails on the terrace of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the rue St. Honoré with perfumer Jacques Huclier  (Givaudan) offered a refreshing and multi-sensorial take on the contemporary […]