1+1 Hongkong Oolong — The 1st NEZ perfume experience

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Sarah Colton
 November 11, 2019
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A limited edition fragrance to accompany a bi-annual perfume periodical?



Jeanne Doré, NEZ Editor in Chief, and Maurice Roucel the perfumer explain…



On November 6, NEZ the olfactory magazine launched “1+1 Hongkong Oolong” by Maurice Roucel and Alan Chan.


1+1 Hongkong Oolong

A limited edition perfume born from the collaboration of Maurice Roucel, Paris based Symrise perfumer, and Alan Chan, a tea and art connoisseur/collector based in Hong Kong.”


The first of a series.

Starting with ‘1+1 Hongkong Oolong’ and NEZ No. 8 Autumn-Hiver 2019 – Substances Addictives, Each new edition of NEZ will be accompanied by a limited edition fragrance. For more info:



What is NEZ?



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    Sounds very intriguing!

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