1. RESIZED 5stack bracelet – high res
April 26, 2014

Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry and The Gift of Friendship

 Photos courtesy of Lisa Hoffman Beauty
Lisa Hoffman is a very good friend. And you don’t have to meet her to know this.
The qualities of f […]

© Sarah Colton
April 18, 2014

Esxence 2014 Part #2: Favorite Brands and Fragrances

 One of my most exciting Esxence moments was witnessing the triumphant re-birth of a fine old French perfume brand, Le Galion – Maison de Parfumerie, more […]

Takasago Madame Butterfly image #1
April 5, 2014

Madame Butterfly: Perfume of Innocence, Passion, and Betrayal

Photos courtesy: Takasago
Madame Butterfly: A Perfume of Innocence, Passion, and Betrayal
Friday evening, April 4th was witness to a singular even […]

Esxence 2014 LOGO
April 1, 2014

Esxence 2014 Part #1: A Reflection

“Year after year, the identity of our community gets more and more clear and defined.”
Silvio Levi – Esxence Co-Founder
A week after ret […]