Michelyn Camen — ÇaFleureBon.com — Editor in Chief

  Video Interview with Michelyn Camen, Editor in Chief, Publisher, and Art Director of  CaFleureBon.com   THE #1 niche, artistic, and natural fragrance site in the world.   Fresh content 365 days a year…     Michelyn Camen Notable quotes:   “I have the honor of working with 16 senior dedicated contributors.  All of them […]

Annette Green Fragrance Authority and Futurist

Annette Green has been a visionary perfume authority since the 1950s.   As Executive Director and President of The Fragrance Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, Annette encouraged American women to wear fragrances every day, instead of simply on date nights. When women began to follow her advice, fragrance houses began to create more fragrances, and […]

Creating the Future at Aedes de Venustas

      While visiting with Karl Bradl and Robert Gerstner at Aedes de Venustas in New York last month, I witnessed the early steps of three bold new projects. Given the fact that Karl and Robert are two of the most important pathfinders and flag bearers of the artistic niche fragrance movement, I see […]

Madame Butterfly: Perfume of Innocence, Passion, and Betrayal

Photos courtesy: Takasago     Madame Butterfly: A Perfume of Innocence, Passion, and Betrayal Friday evening, April 4th was witness to a singular event in perfume and opera history.   Prior to the New York Metropolitan Opera performance of Madame Butterfly, members of the cast and guests at a pre-performance cocktail party were treated to […]

Elements Showcase New York 2014

Image courtesy Elements Showcase       Risk-taking, experimental, and convivial, Elements Showcase managed to capture, yet again, the American niche fragrance spirit in a wintry New York last week.   In a new twist, this 7th edition of Elements was skillfully ‘curated’ (current NYC IT word) by co-founders Frederick Bouchardy, Jeff Lawson, and Ulrich […]