Map of the Heart

One of the most gratifying aspects of going to Pitti Fragranze year after year is watching things grow. Brands, fragrances, people, ideas, and trends. Held in Florence every September, Pitti Fragranze, an international artistic perfumery trade fair, brings together all that is fine in the artistic perfumery sector.   This year one of the most exciting […]

Nothing Comes Between Me and…’My Burberry’

    Move over, Brooke Shields! As of today, your 1981 trademark expression implying an intimate relationship with a brand of jeans has been hi-jacked by a new woman who can proclaim, “Nothing comes between me and…‘My Burberry’!”   And just in case you want to argue that the underlying message of ‘My Burberry’, the perfume, is […]

Upcoming Osmothèque Open House, September 20, 2014

The word, “Osmothèque”, is composed of two Greek words: “Osme” meaning “scent” and “theke” meaning “storage space”.       When my perfume lover friends ask me where they can best learn about fragrances in Paris I always say, “Go to L’Osmothèque!  Go to L’Osmothèque!”   So, here’s your chance!  L’Osmothèque, that venerable French institution, no less […]