Nothing Comes Between Me and…’My Burberry’

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Sarah Colton
 September 8, 2014



Move over, Brooke Shields! As of today, your 1981 trademark expression implying an intimate relationship with a brand of jeans has been hi-jacked by a new woman who can proclaim, “Nothing comes between me and…‘My Burberry’!”


And just in case you want to argue that the underlying message of ‘My Burberry’, the perfume, is less risqué than that of ‘My Calvins’, (after all, perfume is meant to be worn directly on the skin, n’est-ce pas?), Simona Cattaneo, senior vice-president of the Burberry Beauty sector heats things up with a slyly edged interpretation of the cult Burberry trench (and by proxy, its alter-ego ‘My Burberry’, the fragrance). “Burberry trench is something very personal,” she says. “You can wear it in several different ways, in different places, and occasions.” And not to be outdone, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne have weighed in with more than a little muscle on the subject in the ‘My Burberry’ publicity clip.


Face it, ‘My Burberry’, by visionary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, is no less than a singularly crafted Bad Girls Perfume. Like other deliberately ambiguous florals, ‘My Burberry’ initially projects a false impression of innocence with notes of sweet peas and freesias suggesting the clean freshness of a London shower or the scent of a rain-bathed garden. Don’t be fooled! Like its namesake Burberry trench, it’s a cover. And can fade in and out of a crowd at will, only to creep up on you when your guard is down, to produce God knows what kind of devilry from within its gabardine folds of patchouli and rose. A revolver, a machine gun, a lipstick?  Or, more troubling still, nothing more than a playful flash of plaid, followed by peels of girlish laughter at your (foolish?) apprehensions….


‘My Burberry’ Eau de Parfum

30ml, 50ml, and 90ml.

Available worldwide in Burberry boutiques and sales points.







  1. J davis |

    I’m excited! Thanks Sarah for keeping me up on the world of perfume 🙂

    • Sarah Colton |

      Always good to have plenty of excitement in our lives. I know you’re a specialist in this department.

  2. Elisabeth |

    Sounds dangerous and exciting!

  3. Farletta |

    bad girls ..bad girls.. what cha gonna do????

  4. Meg Davis |

    Ooh la la! Sounds daring and divine-a Burberry moment no doubt??

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