Esxence 2015 Olfactive Studio

This video is about Sarah Colton Perfume Notes, Esxence 2015, Olfactive Studio. At ‘Esxence, The Scent of Excellence’ in Milan last week, Olfactive Studio launched its 7th and newest perfume, ‘Panorama’, a green, hot, and spicy fragrance with wasabi and resinous notes. Olfactive Studio is a prize-winning artistic niche perfume brand, founded by Céline Verleure […]

Esxence, The Spirit of Niche Perfume

  Following the enthusiastic response to my February 17, 2015 ‘Pre-Esxence’ post, in which François Duquesne, CEO of Beauty Entreprise dubbed Esxence ‘The Sundance of Artistic Niche Fragrances, I thought it was only fair to let my other niche perfume friends chime in on their thoughts about Esxence. So, I contacted a bunch of people […]