Esxence, The Spirit of Niche Perfume

  Following the enthusiastic response to my February 17, 2015 ‘Pre-Esxence’ post, in which François Duquesne, CEO of Beauty Entreprise dubbed Esxence ‘The Sundance of Artistic Niche Fragrances, I thought it was only fair to let my other niche perfume friends chime in on their thoughts about Esxence. So, I contacted a bunch of people […]

Elements Showcase New York 2014

Image courtesy Elements Showcase       Risk-taking, experimental, and convivial, Elements Showcase managed to capture, yet again, the American niche fragrance spirit in a wintry New York last week.   In a new twist, this 7th edition of Elements was skillfully ‘curated’ (current NYC IT word) by co-founders Frederick Bouchardy, Jeff Lawson, and Ulrich […]