Pitti vs Cannes 2019 – A Clarification

Collage : See anyone you know?  Find out for sure in the Caption at the end of the article where all the names are  listed.   Earlier this autumn I had the pleasure of visiting Florence and Cannes at the time of two important niche fragrance trade-shows, Pitti Fragranze 2019, (September 13-15), and TFWA Cannes […]

1+1 Hongkong Oolong — The 1st NEZ perfume experience

    A limited edition fragrance to accompany a bi-annual perfume periodical?     Jeanne Doré, NEZ Editor in Chief, and Maurice Roucel the perfumer explain…     On November 6, NEZ the olfactory magazine launched “1+1 Hongkong Oolong” by Maurice Roucel and Alan Chan.   1+1 Hongkong Oolong A limited edition perfume born from […]

Plume Impression

After a whirlwind adventure in Cannes during the TFWA trade-show, the rich and storied Plume Impression fragrance brand, has alighted again at Jovoy Paris.     Meanwhile, stories abound of rivalries and intrigue around an alluring and powerful queen circulating mysteriously in capitals throughout the world. Recently spotted in Cannes, she appears to have taken […]