‘Ciel d’Opal’ (Opal Sky) in August

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Sarah Colton
 August 9, 2014



Just before leaving for America the end of July, I stopped by Jovoy to say good-bye to François Hénin, and to make sure I had enough fragrances to last me through the month of August while I’d be away from Paris.  It was then that I happened upon ‘Ciel d’Opal’ by Ann Gérard Parfum, perhaps because I was already dreaming of languid summer days and the special light I appreciate in North American skies.

So, ‘Ciel d’Opal’ accompanied me through days and evenings while traveling in Chicago and later in Montreal, but it wasn’t until I’d been home in Asheville, NC, really home and unwound, that I understood the mood and harmony of this fragrance. Looking up from breakfast on the porch one morning, I knew it was there. Summer: whiffs of green, a brilliant light, and the promise of a beautiful day. I also felt the inspiration of its name, for above my head an opal cabochon was linking earth and sky.

Ciel d'Opal (no outline)


‘Ciel d’Opal’

Ann Gerard Parfum

created in 2012

Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour


Available at JOVOY

4 rue de Castiglione

75001 Paris




  1. Marie Woodard |

    You had me with “Ciel d’Opal!” Anything with a name as beautiful as that will be heavenly. Looking forward to it…

  2. ann |

    Thank you Sarah ! You understood perfectly well this fragrance ! see you soon. AnnG

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