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Sarah Colton
 August 18, 2015

Gilles Thevenin Owner of  Parfums Lubin at NY NOW



On my first visit to the fabulous NYNOW at New York’s Javits Center, I had the chance to speak with Gilles Thevenin, Owner and CEO of Parfums Lubin,  and to learn some exciting news about this historic French brand.


Created in 1798, right after the French Revolution by Pierre François Lubin, an apprentice perfumer to Marie Antoinette, Lubin is the oldest French perfume house to have imported to the US, with sales dating back to the 1830s.


In the realization of a long-held dream, Gilles purchased Lubin in 2000, and brought it back to life by revisiting and reformulating some of its most famous fragrances, such as ‘Black Jade’ (based on a formula purported to be a favorite of Marie Antoinette during the final years of her life), ‘Gin Fizz’, (a favorite of Grace Kelly), and  ‘Nuit de Longchamp’, a great success on the US market in the 1930s.


Earlier this spring, Lubin added ‘Grisette’, a young and tender rose fragrance inspired by the spirit of 19th Belle Époque seamstresses, who were hard-working AND cheerful, flirtatious, and witty — thus speaking to the heart of many a young career women today!


For an excellent review of the the Lubin brand and its fragrances check out CaFleureBon’s post ‘Parfums Lubin Grisette + La Coquette et La Belle Époque. 


As Gilles explains in this video, Lubin will be launching a new perfume in November, whose story and creation draws from Lubin’s early history in the US.  Though Gilles says he cannot yet disclose the name of this fragrance, he predicts that it will be a hit on the US market.


Today Lubin has 16 fragrances, an office in New York, and a rapidly growing distribution in the US.


With nearly 500 fragrance formulas in its archives, we can be sure to discover many more of Lubin’s beautiful secrets in the years to come.




Disclosure : The opinions given in this blog post are my own. They are based on observations I have made as a journalist, blogger, and writer in interviews and store visits over a period of more than 15 years. I also constantly smell fragrances in perfume boutiques and department stores, as well as at trade shows, launch parties, and PR events where I often receive samples and/ or full bottles of fragrances from brands. 


  1. Gunnhild Bjørnsti |

    Lovely article, Sarah. I have also met Gilles, a very interesting and enthusiastic person.

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hi Gunnhild. I wonder if we may have met Gilles together at that ‘Parfums’ niche trade show in Paris all those years ago. Great guy and doing great things with Lubin. Btw are you going to Pitti next week? Hope to see you there.

  2. Marie Woodard |

    Interested article! Am looking forward to more Lubin’s fragrances…

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hi Marie, I know how you like the Lubin fragrances. If I remember correctly I gave you a sample of Lubin’s ‘Black Jade’ last year. If not I’ll give you some next time we see each other.

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