Pitti vs Cannes 2019 – A Clarification

Collage : See anyone you know?  Find out for sure in the Caption at the end of the article where all the names are  listed.   Earlier this autumn I had the pleasure of visiting Florence and Cannes at the time of two important niche fragrance trade-shows, Pitti Fragranze 2019, (September 13-15), and TFWA Cannes […]

Why Did OlivierDurbano Cometo PittiFragranze 2019?

    Olivier Durbano, Grasse perfumer, poet, brand and boutique owner, brings fragrances of peace and beauty to Pitti Fragranze — Conjured from the heart of stones.   Founded 15 years ago, Olivier creates a new fragrance each year.   This year’s fragrance, SpeM PetraM – Eau de Parfum 2019, was created from the Hope […]