Why Did OlivierDurbano Cometo PittiFragranze 2019?

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Sarah Colton
 September 26, 2019



Olivier Durbano, Grasse perfumer, poet, brand and boutique owner, brings fragrances of peace and beauty to Pitti Fragranze — Conjured from the heart of stones.


Founded 15 years ago, Olivier creates a new fragrance each year.


This year’s fragrance, SpeM PetraM – Eau de Parfum 2019, was created from the Hope Stone.




For More info see Olivier’s Website : https://www.olivierdurbano.com/parfums.html




Produced and Directed by Sarah Colton

Edited by Catherine Villeminot

Special thanks to Sarah Baker of Sarah Baker Perfumes for her fabulous pan of Florence from the root-top pool terrace of the Minerva Hotel.

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