September Memory – – ERBA by MONOM Profumi

“ERBA” by MONOM Profumi.     fragrance GIVE-AWAY   WINNER Announced Below on November 2, 2020     When you smell a fragrance you might think you know what you’re getting into, but you don’t…. Like any work of art, if a fragrance is masterfully crafted, it can have a powerful and unexpected impact on the wearer. […]

Bad Girls Mermaid Perfumes Rule the Waves—- Part II —- “Atlante” by Sarah Baker Perfumes

Ahoy, Mates!  Yet ANOTHER Bad Girls Mermaid fragrance GIVEAWAY !  “ATLANTE” by Sarah Baker Perfumes.  Beyond the Sea, but still on the horizon!  OMG you gotta watch out for these Bad Girl Mermaid Fragrances.  Especially when they come in waves!!! (See how to qualify below) WINNERS ANNOUNCED below on September 21, 2020 As a child […]