Bad Girls Mermaid Perfumes Rule the Waves—- Part II —- “Atlante” by Sarah Baker Perfumes

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Sarah Colton
 September 4, 2020

Ahoy, Mates!  Yet ANOTHER Bad Girls Mermaid fragrance GIVEAWAY ! 

“ATLANTE” by Sarah Baker Perfumes.  Beyond the Sea, but still on the horizon! 

OMG you gotta watch out for these Bad Girl Mermaid Fragrances.  Especially when they come in waves!!!

(See how to qualify below)

WINNERS ANNOUNCED below on September 21, 2020

As a child of Leo and a mermaid by nature, Summer is my favorite season and I have a weakness for Bad Girl Mermaid Perfumes. 

So here I am with Bad Girls Perfumes Mermaid Fragrances Part II –  Beyond the Sea.

And it’s September!

Ah September, your dual personality half-summer, half-autumn, so like the mythical mermaids and mermen who flash their tails in our imaginations, half fish – half goddesses, gods, or devils.  Ah, September — half sea, half shore — your waves crash and break on the seasons of our lives, and the dazzling glare of sharp-angled sunlight can hide treacherous shoals, frothing, swirling. Ah, September, irresistible territory where mer-people call us, lure us, with the angelic music of their voices and the animalic fragrance of their tails. Out, way out, to deep waters.

Ah September. It’s true that I’m in Paris, and the swishing of my own Mermaid’s tail is seriously hampered by the confines of my bathtub. And yet, the power of perfume is calling me to memories of September a year ago, to the shimmering waters in the roof-top pool of the Grand Hotel Minerva Florence, Italy, at the time of Pitti Fragranze.

The power of perfume transports me there again, beyond the sea. I’m with Sarah Baker, renowned  Bad Girl Mermaid in her own right, and her Bad Girl Mermaid Fragrance, ‘Atlante’ — seductive, exhilarating, and treacherous as a breaking wave. Animalic and sexual as a fish tail. It stays with me, as @wearescentient says just yesterday in his Instagram post, “…like the seashell you have taken home with you as a memory of your day at the beach….”

  Though regretting that Pitti Fragrance will not take place in September 2020 because of Covid-19, I revel in the memories that live on….

Thank Neptune, both the fragrance and the memories are unforgettable and timeless.

Warning to sailors: If you watch the video clip in which Sarah Baker and her fragrance ‘Atlante’ take you beyond the sea, you may never come back.

And if you’re still longing for more Bad Girls Mermaid Perfume stories, check out my book, Bad Girls Perfume, and the 7 page section on Bad Girls Mermaid fragrances in Chapter 6 “Advanced Techniques for Special Prey” .  And if you’re still hungry for more, previous Bad Girls Mermaid posts on this site might just take you there.   Here and here!


xxx Sarah and the Bad Girl Mermaids


Here’s WHAT you can WIN 

1. A 100 ml bottle of eau de parfum ‘Atlante’ by Sarah Baker Perfumes generously offered by @sarahbakerperfumes

2. FIVE SIGNED copies of my book, Bad Girls Perfume, full of tips and tales about how to get whatEVER you want through the power of perfume, including  an entire 7 page section devoted to Bad Girls Mermaid Fragrances.


Here’s HOW to qualify:

*Follow me on Instagram @sarahcolton2020 AND @badgirlsperfume;

*Leave a comment and tag 3 people.

INCREASE your chances to win. ONE comment on this website counts TWICE as much as a comment on Instagram !!!


Suggested topics for comments

1.Atlante is an oceanic fragrance.  For you, is there a difference between an ocean fragrance and a sea fragrance?  If so, what?

2. Are you an Ocean or a Sea Mermaid/Merman?  Or perhaps you prefer swishing your tail in rivers, lakes, or pools. Let it flow.

3. What are your favorite Bad Girl/Bad Grrr Mermaid/Merman memories (real or imagined)?

4. Other? As always, we’re always fishing for Bad GRRR Perfume scandal !  




Video Music Credits:  Courtesy Atco “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin (released in 1959). 


And the winners are:

1.A 100 ml bottle of eau de parfum ‘Atlante’ by Sarah Baker Perfumes generously offered by @sarahbakerperfumes.



2.EIGHT SIGNED copies of my book, Bad Girls Perfume.







7. @larmoireofparfums 



3. Surprise Special Award for the Candy the Unicorn groupies among you – A Miniature Floating unicorn cup holders for year-round enjoyment of your cocktail adventures on the high seas, by the pool, or in your tub ! Generously offered by the one and only, Candy the Unicorn floatie.  YAY !!!  You go, Candy ! Steal our hearts and the show, will you! 










Thanks for all your comments, answered individually below. I love them all and their variety — some about your love of the two faces of September, others about your wild Bad Grrr Mermaid and Merman adventures and fantasies, other still, totally wack-o such as @scentedsnowdrops who, apparently in collaboration with Instagram spell check invented the term, “Crazy out the cocktails”. Let’s DO it!.


See you next time. Meanwhile, stay BAD and WELL.


xxx Sarah and the Bad Grrrs @badgirlsperfume





  1. Jon Snow |

    So many fab Sarah’s involved with this one 😜 more than a coincidence with the name 😂. You know from my youth watching the Little Mermaid, I actually wanted to be Sebastian, maybe I did grow up a little crabby. Hmm sea and ocean? Well a sea is just a little road to another country so many had all them influences, and ocean tho is a vast endless gateway to the unknown, so maybe they are more mysterious. My favourite Merman imagined memory would be sipping cocktails around that celebrity pool I made up. Probably like Sarah’s, I mean how beautiful is that view of Florence.

    And what a song 🙂 because I don’t think like everyone… It reminds me of the XFiles you’d have to be a real geek like me to get the reference 🙊

    • Sarah Colton |

      So funny, Jon. Though I’ve never met you in person, I have a hard time thinking of you as being crabby. If you insist, I’ll take your word for it, and just add that I imagine you, like Sebastian, as also being really cute and extremely brave. Have to admit I’m an ocean girl, having grown up on the Atlantic. So looking forward to exploring vast oceans together to mysterious and unknown places. And, you’re right, I’m not quite geeky enough to get the song reference to the XFiles. Eager to learn, so hoping for a cocktail tutorial sitting around the pool at the Grand Hotel Minerva and along with the other Sarahs making a splash all over that gorgeous view of Florence.

  2. Merman |

    “Cherish the thought of always having you here by my side.” – music memories capture my mermaid memories from a very well known bad girl.

    • Sarah Colton |

      Such a sweet message from a special Bad Grrr merman. Speaking for THIS Bad Girl mermaid, I hope you know “I cherish the joy you keep bringing into my life.” Please don’t swim too far away.

  3. NATALIA, natlovemoon |

    I cannot resist not to not express my Bad Girl Mermaid feelings about this adventure! I know I’m not suppose to, because I won the previous challenge, which is something that makes me getting up in the morning and enjoy my COVID-19 days! So, I’m back here not to enter, but enjoy again be part of your Sarah’s Bad Girl Mermaid adventures, and today it’s with gorgeous Sarah Baker real Mermaids perfum salty-sweet Seduction in the bottle “Atlante”!!! How I can relate to your video, where you have to be in the swimpool together with Sarah Baker not in the your bathtub ( even though you made this very cute and adorable) my beautiful sister Mermaid Sarah, I’m just like you watching blue, sometimes green water of the Indian river from my balcony and also craving just have one good swim with Atlante by my side! It will be dreamy-happy time away from craziness of the world and because I heard so much Interesting, intriguing things about Sarah Baker creation for real Mermaids. I thank you for your Leo bright energy and Kindness and creative Mermaid sids, and I thank your parents for give us Beautiful person like You.
    P.S. forgive me for any mistake I might made it here, just wanted to say what I think.
    Your Mermaid Nat🧜💞

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey sister Mermaid Nat, I love thinking about you and dream swimming with you in the blue and sometimes green Indian River beneath your balcony. Lucky you with such a pretty view. The Bad Girls have decided that you need a copy of Bad Girls Perfume so you can compare Bad Girl notes with some of the mermaids swimming beneath its covers, so expect to see it in your mailbox soon, and ENJOY!!!

      • Natalia Alaimo |

        Thank you so much for this pleasant surprise, this book so important to Bad Girls Mermaids you know, andit would be my treasure on my Bad Girl Mermaid Perfum journey! Sending you my big gratteful waive 🧜💞🌊🌊🌺

      • Natalia Alaimo |

        Thank you 💞

  4. Catherine |

    Haha ! Love Candy in the bathtub 🙂 What a crazy year this has been, thanks for giving us something fun to get us through. Also can’t wait to try Atlante !

    • Sarah Colton |

      Thanks for this, Catherine. Candy says to tell you she/he loves you too, and is waiting for you with open unicorn wings right here in her bathtub, ready to swim away like a mermaid in search of ‘Atlante’ and other Bad Girl Mermaid adventures on the high seas! She’s even reserved your very own “Cindy” the unicorn cup holder, for floating your cocktail. Float over soon!

  5. Flo |

    What fun!!! I want a unicorn for my bathroom. It’s the must have accessory for rentrée 2020 (along with a mask). Can’t wait to try Atlante!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Careful what you wish for!! Candy’s so thrilled to think she’s a “MUST Have”, that she’s going to send one of her bathtub unicorn friends your way. So, watch out, you might just bump in to him/her someday soon. Make sure you’re wearing your mask!

  6. Marie C Woodard |

    While splashing around in aquamarine pool water this morning, I kept thinking of Candy the Unicorn while humming the eponymous song by the Original New Orleans Bad Boy, Dr John. Don’t think Dr John’s a MerMan, but he certainly can sing…as did Bobby Darin.
    Looking forward to more of Sarah Baker’s siren scents!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Both Candy and Atlante agree that although Dr. John might not be a Merman, he’s one hell of a good looking BAD BOY, and they LOVE his “Candy” song so much they’be been singing it at the top of their lungs in my bathtub ever since — “Atlante more on key than Candy… Can you imagine?? Never a dull around here! For those of you who’d like to join in here’s the link. Dr. John

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