Happy 4th of July! Welcome to sarahcolton.com

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Sarah Colton
 July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July! Welcome to www.sarahcolton.com

I’m a Paris-based American perfume lover, and have chosen July 4th — a day of celebrations and fireworks — to launch my perfume website, www.sarahcolton.com.

I hope you’ll imagine this site as an open door on the lovely and lively corner of the fragrance world I call home, and I invite you to visit often for the sheer pleasure of sharing inspirations, stories, and community.



  1. Jean-Claude MAGRET |

    You’re, you . . . what is the word when one has such terrific, prolific qualities?

    TALENT !

    Let it BE…

  2. Sallie Lee |

    This looks wonderful! You know how much perfume fascinates me. I love reading your notes on the fragrance notes!

  3. Marie W. Colton |

    Love your new website. Happy 4th. Love, Mama

  4. Deborah Lillian |

    Felicitations, Sarah! The site is just wonderful. And what a glorious date for a launch!

  5. Pierre Villeminot |

    « Sarah ,dessine moi un site pour les parfums du monde » lui a demandé le petit prince
    ELLE l’a fait . Bravissimo – Clyde

  6. Elizabeth Overton Colton |

    Love your fabulous new website!! Congrats. love from your sister Liz

  7. Jane Marion |

    C’est magnifique! What a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July — with your brand-new, gorgeous website! A bientôt!

  8. What Men Should Smell Like |

    Hi Sarah, the site looks great! I am looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in fragrant Paris and abroad. All the best for the remainder of 2013! Clayton

  9. Ophelia Paine |

    Super website! The perfume samples you gave us in May were terrific, too. Am going to check out your Discovery Workshops and pass this link on to some friends. Félicitations, Sarah!

  10. Stuart Camblos |

    Sarah-your website is fabulous-I am so happy for you! How lovely to immerse oneself in the world of perfumes every day.
    Congratulations and toutes mes felicitations! Stuart

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