Prudence Paris

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Sarah Colton
 July 2, 2013

Prudence is an exotic white flower of easy approach and sparkling luminosity, presented in a bouquet of fictitious simplicity.  Yet, the only thing simple about Prudence Paris fragrances is that they are simply lovely, and easy to be around. Like Prudence, herself: light-hearted and breathtakingly fresh in aspect; robust, and lusty at heart. Transported here from half-way around the world for the single purpose of imparting beauty. Available in Paris only at Moulié Fleurs, Place du Palais Bourbon, where Henri Moulié, a prince among florists, specializes in design and creation of prestigious floral arrangements — and flowers, simply flowers, hand-picked with the care of total abandon. A perfect pairing, and the kind of confidential elegance the French are so good at keeping to themselves, or sharing with well-chosen intimes. (Photo by Jason Lang courtesy of Origins of Luxury)



    • Sarah Colton |

      Couldn’t agree more, Bénédicte. Prudence and her fragrances embody the central values of artistic niche fragrance.

  1. Originsofluxury |

    Beautiful article, Sarah. Brava! Our photographer, Jason, took this pic of Prudence and Henri at his atelier. We had gone to Moulié’s to do a story on Henri, and Prudence was there talking floral compositions and laughing with the great man. They had such a great rapport and lighthearted way about them… it was lovely to watch. We have followed Prudence since… a gorgeous and discreet brand with its soul in the Perigord. Even the fragrance packaging is beautiful! It is hand made from Moulin de Larroque, the 15th century artisanal paper mill in Perigord. I’m not sure if it is well known, but Prudence also does some great men’s fragrances. Augusto and Steuart are very elegant…

    • Sarah Colton |

      Thank you for your comment, Originsofluxury, and for the additional information about Prudence and her fragrances. Also, please tell me Jason’s full name and I will credit the photo.

  2. Prudence |

    Hoping to see you soon in Florence, unfortunately this year, we will not be flying as we are returning from Capri – so shall be driving!!!! The photographer for Origins of Luxury is Jason Lang!

  3. Sarah Colton |

    Looking forward to seeing you at Pitti and getting a whiff of ‘Capri’.

    • Prudence |

      Capri – N’est pas fini!

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