Hats and Perfumes — Inhabit Another Dimension

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Sarah Colton
 June 28, 2015

Like Perfumes, hats have a life of their own and inhabit another dimension.

They can take us there if we are willing to play.




The “Journée chapeaux ElssCollection” (ElssCollection Hat Day) last week, was yet another example of the strength and verve of this young Parisian start-up company for short-term designer clothes rental.


To spotlight its hat rentals, ElssCollection invited modelists (hatters) from Mademoiselle Chapeaux and Maison Anne Sophie Coulot to show off their collections to a VIP list of clients and guests.


Trying on hats was a game we all wanted to play. And play we did! Hats on, hats off. Pillboxes, fedoras, cloches, sun hats. And each time someone changed her hat, her personality changed, as well. Or, so it seemed. Sometimes just a little bit, other times, dramatically. Speaking for myself, a perfumista who changes her persona as often as she changes her perfume (frequently!), three different hats took me from demure, to elegant, to zany. And yet, I was still the same person. At least I think so.


ElssCollection, where I can find expression of all my selves starting in the splendor and convenience of a large and elegant show room located near the Arc of Triumph.


ElssCollection. A concept whose time has come. Chapeau!



5 rue Beaujon

75008 Paris

01 45 74 03 10


Mademoiselle Chapeaux

Location et Creation de chapeaux


15 rue des Tournelles

75004 Paris

01 72 60 77 68


Maison Anne Sophie Coulot


5 rue Humblot

75015 Paris

06 62 33 60 38

09 82 41 08 82




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