‘Tango’ by Masque Fragranze at Esxence the Scent of Excellence

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Sarah Colton
 June 14, 2015

This ‘Sarah Colton Perfume Notes’ video was shot at Esxence Milan in March 2015, and is about ‘Tango’, a fragrance for women and men created in 2014 for Masque Fragranze.


In the video, Alessandro Brun, co-founder of Masque Fragranze of Milan and perfumer Cécile Zarokian of Paris describe this hot and carnal Oriental Floral fragrance, and how it builds to a crescendo similarly to the passion of a couple dancing a Tango.


Masque Fragranze was created in 2013 by Riccardo Tedeschi and Alessandro Brun. Riccardo and Alessandro have imagined Masque Fragranze as a ‘Perfume Opera’ of which they are the directors, and in which young and talented perfumers – rising stars of worldwide artistic perfumery – create perfume ‘masks’ to interpret their roles.


The fragrances in the (unfinished) four act Masque ‘Opera of Life’ are:


Act I- Scene 1

‘Terralba’  (woody)

Created in 2013 by Delphine Thierry

Stage Directions: In front of you, the sea. Behind, mediterranean scrubland. It is morn.


Act I – Scene 2

‘Montecristo’ (leather)

Created in 2013 by Delphine Thierry

Stage Directions: In the livingroom of an old villa in the Tuscan countryside. It is the close of day.


Act I – Scene 3

‘Russian Tea’

Created in 2014 by Julien Rasquinet

Stage Directions: Day faded; on the table, glowing,
the samovar of evening boiled… (A.Pushkin)


Act II – Scene 1

‘Luci Ed Ombre’  (citrus)

Created in 2013 by Meo Fusciuni

Stage Directions: You are peaceful and untroubled. You feel as if  you are between a barley field and a thick wood, where no sunbeam can penetrate. There is a blinding light, everything seems calm and quiet.


Act III – Scene 4

‘Tango’  (oriental/amber)

Created in 2013 by Cecile Zarokian

Stage Directions: A mid-summer night. The bower is in full bloom. There are large wooden tables, a liquor.  And music.


A Suivre…

1. Tango photo collage formatted

Photo of dancing couple in collage:copyright Diego Alvarez de Toledo



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    Any fragrance that involves Hot and Carnal.. well…..Sounds like a Bad Girl Perfume to me!

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  3. Jesus |

    Esxence The Scent of Excellence, (31 martie -3 aprliie 2011) este un eveniment dedicat parfumurilor artistice/de nișă. Locația aleasă pentru ediția cu numărul 3 a fosta0 Palazzo della Permanente een Milano. Esxence 2011 a adunat aproape 200 de brand-uri din eentreaga lume. Multe dintre ele au venit la eveniment pentru a-și face cunoscute noilea0 parfumuri precum șia0 eentregi colecții.

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