Why Did Spyros Drosopoulos Come to Florence For Pitti Fragranze 2019 ?

Posted by
Sarah Colton
 September 26, 2019


Seems to have something to do with an extremely rare perfume raw material from Greece, and then of course – well, there’s Florence !


Spyros’ brand, BARUTI  is an Independent perfume house from Amsterdam combining novelty with wearability.

Baruti Fragrances include: Indigo, Perverso, Chai, Tindrer, Dama Koupa, Berlin In Winter, Onder de Linde, Nooud, and Voyance


For More info:  https://www.baruti.eu


Produced and Directed by Sarah Colton

Edited by Catherine Villeminot

Thanks to Sarah Baker of Sarah Baker Perfumes for her fabulous pan of Florence from the roof-top pool terrace of the Hotel Minerva.

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