Might perfumistas be the safest people on the planet these days ?




Presenting the case for Perfumed Soaps – Perfumed Hand Sanitizers – Alcohol Based Perfumes.



Video Cast of Characters


INSPIRING – “Peau d’Ambrette” by Atelier Materi Sensuous and reassuring as cashmere, crisp and invigorating as poplin, “Peau d’Ambrette” reminds me that I am the heroine in a white shirt, ready to take on the world.


PROTECTING– “Lightscape” by Ulrich Lang New York When faced with challenges or darkness, my ULNY “Lightscape” surrounds me with the elemental safety of brightness and light.


HEALING – “Üjan” by Parfumeurs Sans Frontières I trust the boundless powers of Mother Earth to heal all her creatures.


“Jazzy Hands” hand sanitizers by House of Sarah Baker


Disinfectant spray hand Sanitizer by Susanne Kaufmann


NOSE Paris shop – “No Contact” Home deliveries within 2 hours to Greater Paris.


FULL DISCLOSURE — The contents of this PERFUMISTA’s handbag include, but is not limited to:

“Bandit” by Robert Piguet

“Rose Rabatchi” by Maison Rabatchi

“Aceto da Toilette” by Santa Maria de Nouvella

“Giorgio” of Beverly Hills

“I Miss Violet” by The Different Company

“Heliodor” by Marcelle Dormoy

“Aedes de Venustas”

“Python” purse sized hairbrush by Rock & Ruddle

“Bad Girls Perfume” THE book by Sarah Colton

“Üjan” by Parfumeurs Sans Frontières

“BER-CAVOK” by Urban Scents

“Misia” by Chanel

“Atlante” by House of Sarah Baker

“Fulgor” by Calé

“Immortelle” by Parfum D’Empire

“Hermann à Mes Cotes Me Parraissait Une Ombre” Etat Libre D’Orange

Lipsticks ..several


Card Case

“LightScape” by Ulrich Lang New York

“Aquarium Collection” wallet by Dunhill

15 ml perfume samples too numerous to quantify


“Master Parfums” playing cards

Pink Flamingo floating cup holder

“Peau d’Ambrette” by Atelier Materi

“adr-ett” by Nomenclature

“Miss Dior” Christian Dior

Mobile phone

nail polish

“Attestation de Déplacement Dérogatoire (Oblicatory French Permission Paper for leaving the house)

“Eau de Taïpi” Body Splash Cologne by Jardins D’Ecrivains



“B683” by Marc-Antoine Barrois

Egly-Ouriet Champagne ……




  1. Marie Woodard |

    You must have a Handbag as Big as the Ritz!!!! and it certainly must smell wonderful!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish I lived close enough for “No Contact” delivery…

    • Sarah Colton |

      My handbag may not be as “Big as the Ritz” but it’s definitely overflowing with the healing magic of fragrances! And it DOES smell great. Wish you were close enough for ‘No Contact’ Delivery, too, cause if you were I’d spritz you with something wonderful and then give you a great big hug (from 6 feet away, of course!) Miss you!

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