The Timeless Audaciousness of the Feminine Dynamic

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Sarah Colton
 April 6, 2020

Marcelle Dormoy Fragrances — The Timeless Audaciousness of the Feminine Dynamic




During the imposed isolation of Coronavirus quarantines fragrances are exceptionally important to us — even when we are alone.


Why? Because fragrances can inspire and transform the feelings and perceptions we have about OURSELVES — who we choose to be, who we aspire to be, and the face we to present to the world — even if it’s only to a solitary image in the mirror.


This video is dedicated to my women friends, wherever you might be — alone or with family, children, partners, or friends – yet always needing to feel the strength of our unique and essential femininity.


The three fragrances of Louise du Bessey’s recently launched brand Marcelle Dormoy, capture the timeless and powerful audaciousness of the feminine dynamic, each tailored to a different and singular facet of the 21st Century woman.


Which face of femininity are you bringing to the this historical moment in time  ?


HELIODOR — Serene and subtle with an aura of beauty and elegance.

GEMMA VENERIS — Sensual and elegant.  A signature with no precedent. 

NACARAT — Generous, harmonious, and irresistible.


Your fragrance is your signature. Don’t stay home without it !


I’d love to hear your comments.


Available at Marcelle Dormoy


Jovoy Paris




  1. Dbj |

    Excellent! Cela donne envie
    Merci pour l’info!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Wonderful. I’d love to know which one you like best. Cheers, Sarah

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey, Dbj. Thanks again for your comment. Did you decide which Marcelle Dormoy fragrances you liked best? My favorite at the moment is “Heliodor” because it makes me think of a gentle ray of sunshine beaming through my window. Happy Sunday. Cheers, Sarah

  2. Marie Woodard |

    Very upbeat subject… love the names of the fragrances, and I especially love your admonition, “Don’t stay home without it!”

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hi Marie Woodard, Thanks for your comment. So important to have wonderful fragrances like those of Marcelle Dormoy that elicit the best of femininity for when we’re at home, whether alone or in company.

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