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This video is dedicated to the wellbeing and peace of mind of world-wide fragrance community.  Whether I know you in person or through social media, I am continually amazed and thankful for the inspiration, positive energy, and support I feel  in your presence — somehow brought to highest expression by our shared love for the art of perfumery, and your creative, think-out-of-the-box, risk taking natures.

It’s remarkable how often, especially during times of stress like now, I have found inspiration and strength by simply thinking about you, viewing one of your posts, reading a comment or direct message. Especially now, when we’re isolated from each other because of Covid-19 restrictions, the knowledge that you are there, and accessible at the touch of a key, is nothing short of miraculous.

By inviting you into my world and encouraging you to dream, play, and reflect, I hope this video brings you something you need — inspiration or a strategic tip, a smile, or simply an uplifting break from the news cycle.

*By introducing you to a recently launched fragrance, “Moonlight” by Dusita Parfums, full title,  “Moonlight in Chaingmai”, an olfactive work of art which speaks to me through the beauty of its composition and the peacefulness of its intention;

*By presenting a sampling of 4 “Cult” perfumes I have loved enough to write about in Bad Girls Perfume the book, and still wear often because I NEED to hear and feel the things they say to me as only fragrances can.

“Fracas” by Robert Piguet Parfums

“Oeillet de Bengale” by Aedes de Venustas

“Aperture” by Ulrich Lang New York

“Sycomore” by Les Exclusifs de Chanel.


*By reminding you that we are more important to each other than we might realize, and that through our common humanity and our art we will find tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams!

xxx Sarah and the Bad Girls

Win a 50 ml bottle of “Moonlight” by Dusita Parfums generously offered by Pissara Umavijani, owner and founder.

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November 9 2020

In general response to your comments, Natalia, Jon, and Carl.  Others, WELCOME.

Oh, it makes me so happy to see your comments — so enthusiastic,  encouraging, inspiring, and full of insights about perfume, and about the importance of our shared humanity and community. I feel so happy every time I read your posts and comments because they make me feel safe and cared for. It’s thanks to the feelings we can give to each other that we can dare to take risks in our writing, our videos, and in our lives. And as you say, Jon, to explore ” the fun side, the wicked side, the not taking it all too serious side. The understanding that [although our original ties are through perfume] the smell of a fragrance is only part of it….”   And, that, for instance, we are all with you,  Nathalia when you are gazing up at the moon.  And with you, Carl, on your 5am drive to work. Like you, we too are doused in Chanel’s ‘Sycomore’, and singing “Dream a Little Dream of Me” with you at the tops of our lungs.

It’s amazingly liberating and powerful to live with you all this way, and to be each others ‘heroes’.

Nathalia, thanks especially for adding to the information in your comment about how and why Pissara created “Moonlight”.

To add a bit more to this, Pissara told me that she created “Moonlight” in her Paris lab during the first Covid19 lockdown.

She said she was inspired by a special evening when she was on a mountain above Chaingmai, in the northern part of Thailand, looking down on the valley below. While gazing at this beautiful sight, she had the inspiring realization that from the perspective of a mountain we can see the world and humankind as ONE, all under ONE sky, and that all is well when we can feel peace and love for one another.

To translate this feeling into a fragrance she brought together several important ingredients, most importantly:

* YUZO to convey the topicality of the region as well as the joy and sparkling flickering lights of the city below; (Yuzo is a fruit similar to bergamot which grows in Thailand and other tropical regions.)

*Teakwood  to represent Thailand

*Sandalwood and oakmoss to represent the forest.


Stay safe and inspired, my friends.


Sarah and the Bad Girls


November 27, 2020

BEFORE ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS of the fragrance give-away, I would like to thank you all for your numerous and encouraging comments on my “Sweet Dreams” video and post — here and on Instagram.  I have especially loved hearing from so many of you, because through our exchanges I have gotten to know you better and better, and feel your presence as a vibrant and generous and community.


1.The winner of a 50 ml bottle of “Moonlight” by Dusita Parfums generously offered by Pissara Umavijani, owner and founder of the brand is: @isniffbeforeisleep


  1. The winners of 17 SIGNED copies of my book, Bad Girls Perfume.

are: @perfumedaze @scentedsnowdrops @wearescentient @fragrancetwentyeight @bearinthewind @rose.and.dhjones @christianebehmann @amiiamiisu @my.perfume.p @vikont_71 @vivi_ost_ @claumarchini @foxyglove6896 @perfumebeautytravel @oliviereyquem @anayelperfume @vel_4774


  1. The winners of A SURPRISE SPECIAL AWARD: – A Miniature “Candy the Fragrance Smelling Unicorn” Inflatable PERFUME Holder. Imagine! No matter where you are – in Covid Lock-Down or sailing the 7 seas, Candy and your favorite Bad Girls Perfume can be at your side and ready for action—less than a spritz away! Generously offered by the one and only, Candy the Fragrance Smelling Unicorn floatie. @Natlovemoon @anjamhaling @fabtrends_miya @larmoireofparfums@thechyprelover @despinavnt @theperfumechronicles  @cassandra.m_official @ulrichlang_newyork


Please Direct Mail me your mailing address so I can send you your prizes and remember to include your telephone number and email address because the post office gets agitated when I can’t provide this info 🙂

Congratulations to you all.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.  Stay well, and Sweet Dreams!


Sarah and the Bad Grrrs













  1. Natalia |

    Sarah, you was my inspiration from beginning, from day I found your Instagram and website. You give me courage to write and express my feeling about perfums, in situation like we are happened to be we all need boost to hope, to continue dream and love life, you are happen to be that special person that me and Olga can call “my hero” .I’m glad you and your family now okay. You come back to us and continue your work here! Today I will go to sleep and dream about what you say in your video, about iconic Perfumes you still wearing and your book and about Pissara homeland where’s she see woody mountains shining under full peaceful Moon , it’s nocturnal,my olfactory color association with “Moonlight” is silver!
    You know I love Moon, I look for it every night. Thank you and thank God you are okay! Stay safe and make more videos, I enjoy watching and reading your Bad Girl Perfum Storys!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Thanks for your encouraging comments, Natalia. As you’ll see in my general response above they mean the moon and the stars to me! xxx Sarah

  2. Jon |

    Well it goes without saying it’s been a pleasure connecting with your good self. Your book and your passion and personality. A deep love for all things fragrance but a way of looking at it all that I can very much relate. Just the fun side, the wicked side, not taking it all too serious. The understanding that the smell is only part of it, it’s the feelings, the journeys and joy and sadness they bring us. Anyways yes we all need to be careful during these times, but let’s enjoy our passions and relish the connections we’ve made through our crazy passion. Here’s to much more of that and your posts do bring joy.

    • Sarah Colton |

      Thanks for your encouraging comments, Jon. As you’ll see in my general response above, they are amazingly liberating and powerful and help me realize the crucial importance of being cared for, and at the same time being each others ‘heroes’. xxx Sarah and the Bad Grrrs

  3. Carl |

    Hey Sarah, you look absolutely wonderful! I love the song Dream A Little Dream of Me too, my favourite is the Mama Cass version <3

    So you inspire me to listen to The Mamas & the Papas, whilst wearing Chanel – Sycomore tomorrow morning on my 5am drive to work. I’m heading to sleep now and hope you (and everyone reading) have sweet dreams x

    • Sarah Colton |

      Thanks for your encouraging comments, Carl. As you’ll see in my general response above, it’s so important to feel cared for, and at the same time to feel that we are each other’s ‘heroes’ If on top of that, we can keep each other awake and laughing at 5am as we virtually sing “Dream a Little Dream” together on your way t work, well, that will totally make our day! FYI, If my calculations are correct, that’s only 6 am Paris time, so I’ll be totally warmed up, and will even have time to pick up some croissants for the musicians ! xxx Sarah and the Bad Grrrs

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