1+1 Hongkong Oolong — The 1st NEZ perfume experience

    A limited edition fragrance to accompany a bi-annual perfume periodical?     Jeanne Doré, NEZ Editor in Chief, and Maurice Roucel the perfumer explain…     On November 6, NEZ the olfactory magazine launched “1+1 Hongkong Oolong” by Maurice Roucel and Alan Chan.   1+1 Hongkong Oolong A limited edition perfume born from […]

Plume Impression

After a whirlwind adventure in Cannes during the TFWA trade-show, the rich and storied Plume Impression fragrance brand, has alighted again at Jovoy Paris.     Meanwhile, stories abound of rivalries and intrigue around an alluring and powerful queen circulating mysteriously in capitals throughout the world. Recently spotted in Cannes, she appears to have taken […]

Chris Collins Alchemy of Fragrance at JOVOY Parfums Rares – Paris

Chris Collins Alchemy of Fragrance at JOVOY Parfums Rares – Paris   Sarah Colton and her PERFUME NOTES presents Chris Collins Alchemy of Fragrance launch at JOVOY Paris.   Sultry red walls and a 1920s Josephine Baker gramophone sound for Chris Collins to presents his Alchemy of Fragrance Collection, Harlem Nights, Dance Sauvage, and Renaissance […]

Prudence Paris ‘Alexis’

Prudence Paris, launched ‘Alexis’, the fifth fragrance in its Men’s fragrance line in March at Esxence Milan 2015. Created in honor of the deceased Comte Patrick de Vienne, a French adventurer who lived his passions as a pilot, horseman, hotelman, and entrepreneur on three continents, the fragrance was presented by Alexis de Vienne, son of […]