Bad Girls Perfume vs. SocialDistancing —— Part I —— The 6-Foot Challenge

As if we Bad Girls didn’t have enough trouble on our hands, Social Distancing has brought an unprecedented EMERGENCY to our Bad Girls Perfume seduction strategies ! There’s no time to lose, so start ransacking your hoard for fragrances that PROJECT. Think LOUD, predatory, and/or stealthy. I know, I know. They’re not totally in style […]

The Timeless Audaciousness of the Feminine Dynamic

Marcelle Dormoy Fragrances — The Timeless Audaciousness of the Feminine Dynamic       During the imposed isolation of Coronavirus quarantines fragrances are exceptionally important to us — even when we are alone.   Why? Because fragrances can inspire and transform the feelings and perceptions we have about OURSELVES — who we choose to be, […]

Perfume Power in the Time of Coronavirus

Might perfumistas be the safest people on the planet these days ?       Presenting the case for Perfumed Soaps – Perfumed Hand Sanitizers – Alcohol Based Perfumes.     Video Cast of Characters   INSPIRING – “Peau d’Ambrette” by Atelier Materi Sensuous and reassuring as cashmere, crisp and invigorating as poplin, “Peau d’Ambrette” […]