Bad Girls Perfume vs. SocialDistancing —— Part I —— The 6-Foot Challenge

Posted by
Sarah Colton
 April 24, 2020

As if we Bad Girls didn’t have enough trouble on our hands, Social Distancing has brought an unprecedented EMERGENCY to our Bad Girls Perfume seduction strategies !

There’s no time to lose, so start ransacking your hoard for fragrances that PROJECT.

Think LOUD, predatory, and/or stealthy.

I know, I know. They’re not totally in style these days. You may have to dig back a few years — decades even….

The good news is that I found SEVERAL fragrances in my stash that have proven to be absolute head turners, as this video attests.

Disclaimer: All these fragrances tested STRONG POSITIVE on real or imaginary human male Parisians, ie, joggers, dog walkers, passers-by, etc., at no closer than recommended social distancing (6 feet or 2 meters).

Further disclaimer: I did not consult these brands before testing their fragrances. I own, use, love, and want to share them so much that I’m the one who will be purchasing and sending ONE of them to the lucky winner (see contest details below), all on my own dime. Is that BAD, or what?

Further disclaimer. Social Distancing fragrances are for use OUTSIDE ! Unless you’re up for big trouble, Do NOT try these at home.


OMG. Giorgio Beverly Hills. Does this fragrance EVER project ! Pour la petite histoire, I was insanely jealous when my friend Paula showed me hers way back in 1981 the year it came out. Since it wasn’t yet available in Paris, I had to use all my Bad Girls Perfume skills to convince my Scorpio lover to make a special trip to Beverly Hills and get me a bottle…. We Bad Girls have our methods! I found it so effective I had to tell about it in Bad Girls Perfume , pp. 33-35.

Fair warning. The text ends with this quote, “… Following the launch of “Giorgio” in 1981, restaurants across America posted signs saying, “No Dogs! No Cigars! No Giorgio!”


I discovered “Leopard”, the youngest fragrance in this group, in 2017 when it leapt out at me from samples of Sarah Baker’s first fragrance collection for a Bad Girls Perfume Workshop** I gave in London. A voracious stalker of primal feline grace, “Leopard” may lounge for hours in the quiet elegance of her jungle bottle, before moving swiftly in for the kill.  **Bad Girls Perfume Workshop is code for an all girls, well mostly, wild debauched perfume party.


At more than 70-years of age, “Bandit”, an elegant and enigmatic grande dame of delightfully wicked leather chypre notes, is one of my all time favorite fragrances. Born in Paris in 1944 to the talented couturier Robert Piguet and his bad girl perfumer, Germain Sellier, “Bandit” is still stealing the show with whispered reminders that our dark side should be lived with class and verve. NEVER underestimate the power of Senior Bad Girls. “Bandit” shows off her awesome knife flashing skills in Bad Girls Perfume Chapter 4 “Beg, Borrow, or Steal”.

“Guerrilla 1” and “Guerrilla 2” by Comme des Garçons Parfum,

Although I characterize these fragrances as ‘MACE Impersonators’ in my video, this is not quite true. Fake news? Possibly. Bad Girls Perfumes are full of fake news, so be careful how you use them.

I discovered “Guerrilla 1” and “Guerrilla 2” in 2006 when Sophie Cauchi, Givaudan’s gifted Director of External Communication, set me up with their perfumers, Nathalie Feisthauer and Marie-Aude Couture-Bluche for an article in Beauty Fashion Magazine.  Click  here. for the gory details.

Conceived to shock (think deep, dense, and toxic) rather than to please when created by Comme des Garçons Parfums creative director, Christian Astuguevieille, “Guerrilla 1” and “Guerrilla 2” were revolutionary for their time.

Times change, and  today I think of “Guerrilla 1” and “Guerrilla 2” as agreeably quirky rather than weird, and they seem have crept into my fragrance personality, probably more than I realize.


There are lots more fabulous Bad Girls Perfumes perfect for social distancing seduction that, for obvious reasons, I couldn’t include in a 1 minute video.

If, for example, you have some Estee Lauder “Youth Dew”, you are one lucky dog. That is definitely a fragrance that PROJECTS. Launched in 1953, when social norms dictated that women of “refinement” received, but did not purchase, perfumes for themselves, Youth Dew Bath Oil, projected ALL women over this semantics obstacle real fast, while at the same time projecting its creator, Mme. Estee Lauder, to international fame and fortune. For details about how one gutsy woman “beat the system” to launch this ground breaking fragrance, see Bad Girls Perfume   p.78.  For the record:  My own bottle of “Youth Dew” seems to have projected itself so far I can’t even find it.

To help further refine your research, White floral fragrances such as Jovoy’s Gardez-Moi, Grandiflora’s  Magnolia and  Etat Libre d’Orange’s

Yes, I Do !   are extremely powerful for projecting raw sexuality. Equally effective are Amber fragrances such as YSL Opium, Ortegia’s Ambra Nera, and Serge Lutens’ Ambre Sultan. Uncensored revelations about the raw carnal powers of White Floral and Amber fragrances can be found in Bad Girls Perfume, Chapter 2 “The Two Faces of Eve”.


For other predatory fragrances, think animalic, of which one of my favorites is Ma Bête by Eris Parfums. Watch out though, Eris brand owner, Barbara Herman knows a thing or two about bad girl perfumes and It’s no accident that she asked Antoine Lie, a totally predatory Bad Boy perfumer, to create her fragrances.

And for those special UP days when you feel like projecting yourself and your prey into existential dreams of intimacy, blue skies, and seas beyond destruction and decay, haul out, or order “It Was A Time That Was A Time” by Attache-Moi.


Have you had success with any of these? Do you have other fragrances you’d like to share around ?  I’d love to hear your ideas, comments and suggestions.

For a chance to win a Bad Girls Perfume Champion Social distancing fragrance, leave a comment and tell me your country of residence. If you’ve already tagged three friends on my FB or Instagram accounts, Thanks! You have DOUBLED your chance to win.


THANKS !   We Bad Girls and Boys gotta stick together.


Xxx Sarah

PS Thanks, Uli, of Ulrich Lang New York, for suggesting that I add this chapter about  “Social Distancing” to Bad Girls Perfume.  Brilliant.


  1. Maria |

    Genius idea! It’s time to use all these “non office friendly “ fragrances, it’s a time of need! For me anything with tuberose like Fracas, Versace’s Blonde or even Madonna’s Truth or Dare last and project for hours! I hope you’re keeping well !!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hi Maria, Thanks for this. Oh yes. social distancing TOTALLY calls for over-the-top doses of our ‘non office friendly” fragrances, as you call them. And OMG, tuberose tops the list. In fact I call Tuberose “…the undisputed Queen of the white florals..” in Bad Girls Perfume. “…− primal, voluptuous, and shamelessly predatory….”. YIKES!! Your mention of Madonna nails it too, as she could be the poster child for “Fracas”, and of course her own “Truth or Dare”. Thanks for telling me about Versace’s “Blonde” which I haven’t smelled, and will add to my Social Distancing arsenal asap. Happy Social Distancing. xxxSarah

    • Carl |

      There’s nothing better than a bad girl fragrance to stop people getting too friendly especially in the super market! I’ve been using Youth Dew – Amber Nude, whilst fiercely pouting!
      Aylesbury – UK

      • Sarah Colton |

        Love this, Carl. Thanks for the tip about Youth Dew – Amber Nude for social distancing in supermarkets. And the pouting is excellent. We Bad Girls and Boys gotta use everything we’ve got ! xxx Sarah

        • Carl |

          So so true <3

  2. Despina Veneti |

    Thanks for the delightful video and article, dear Sarah, they both put a much-needed smile on my face. Your suggestions are great, and I’ve noted them all for future… emergencies! Concerning our topic (or should I say “mission”?), I’ve personally experienced some very encouraging response lately to vintage YSL Opium and Paris, Ungaro Diva and Parfums Dusita Mélodie de l’Amour. Love from Paris, D.

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hi Despina,
      Thanks so much, and glad this video made you laugh. So important these days! And thanks for the tips about your successes with vintage YSL “Opium” and “Paris”, Ungaro “Diva” and Parfums Dusita “Mélodie de l’Amour”. Turns out, I’ve got them all, so will be sure to carry them in my bag next time I’m out a Social Distance “mission”. xxxSarah

  3. Marianne Butler |

    The video was very clever – I loved the categories you created for the perfumes.
    I’ve never used mace… is it even legal in NYC? 🙂 but I’ve certainly worn perfume as a social distancing tool – long before this horrid virus. Thanks for making me laugh – especially the last few seconds.

    • Sarah Colton |

      Thanks for this Marianne, and really glad my video made you laugh, especially the last few seconds. I had a blast filming it. About MACE, I’ve never used it either, and don’t know if it’s legal in NYC, or Paris for that matter. Not a problem though, since as we both know, the right perfume can be a great ‘social distancing’ tool. Do you have any favorites to recommend? Have you ever tried Thierry Mugler’s “Alien” ? Similarly to “Guerrilla 1 and 2”, “Alien” carries powerful punch. In case you ever need it, here’s what I said about it in Bad Girls Perfume “…In addition to its warm, dry, and very strong jasmine and woody notes, many women claim to smell quirky (what would you expect for the creator of Angel ?), harsh, and rough edged notes including gasoline, burning hair, nail polish remover, and even Windex. Heck. Whatever works….” . Aren’t we lucky to have all these fabulous, easy to carry self-defense weapons? And they’re totally LEGAL !! Stay safe. xxx Sarah

  4. Farley |

    OHHHH. You are my favorite one of a kind babe!!!! Your acting talent combined with your 160 IQ is intriguing to say the least. And your personal knowledge of seducing as well as repelling.. so sexy. Clearly, I LOVE YOU!
    One of your StateSide BGs

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey Farley, Back accha, Bad Girl ! You’ve always been one of my top acting teachers and mentors. Still using some of the exemplary examples you showed us at SMJC. Experts we are now ! xxxSA

  5. Paula Edmunds |

    Funny innovative video but…., so true! At this lockdown stage in our lives, we need to project ourselves, so instead of lowering our heads and shying away from society in case we break the 2 m rule, we need to hold our heads high and spray it on. The least we might achieve is a friendly hello

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey Paula, I’m sure you achieve a lot more than a ‘friendly hello’ when you spray it on, especially if you do it with Giorgio of Beverly Hills. Thanks again for introducing me to THAT excellent IN YOUR FACE bad Girl fragrance. She was definitely a major inspiration for my writing Bad Girls Perfumes. xxx SA

  6. Bacot Wright |

    As a stage director (tee hee) I especially loved that last little squirt at the end. PERFECT timing, you amazing comedian!
    Oh and…Dont forget bacon. Guys love bacon.
    Did I mention bacon?
    (Watch out for poodles tho)

  7. Bacot Wright |

    I tout the afore-mentioned bacon because mace IS legal in the deep south, of course.I bought some for all the times I used to visit New Orleans and I never got to use it. So look out world!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey Bacot,

      OMG ! Social Distancing will take on an entirely new dimension for some poor devil innocently sniffing out a piece of bacon on a street in New Orleans. He won’t know what hit him when he runs into Bad Girl Bacot packing MACE in one hand and “Guerrilla 1” in the other.

      What’s that you used to call it? ♫♬♪♩♬♬♬ “A double shot of my baby’s love”?

      Stay Bad, my favorite bongo playing stage director! xxx SA

  8. Nancy |

    Oh Sarah you have done it again! Made us all smile 😃 The video is wonderful. Hoping you and family are safe and doing well. Love to you all
    I will try all of your recommendations when I can actually get to a place where I can purchase them! Looking forward to seeing that day!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey Nancy,

      Glad my video made you smile. We all NEED smiles these days. Just call me “Public Service Sarah” !

      Oh, I really hope you can get to a place (like Paris) soon so you can purchase some of these social distancing seduction fragrances. Meanwhile, who knows? Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner, in which case I’ll mail it to you in – TURKEY!
      Stay safe xxx Sarah

  9. Catherine Villeminot |

    Ha! Love it! Thanks for spreading humour during this time!!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Thanks, Catherine. Laughter makes us feel good, and who knows, maybe it even helps keep us healthy!! Stay safe. xxx Sarah

  10. Elisabeth |

    Excellent advice!!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Thanks, Elisabeth. Your bright Clockwork Orange running gear would work great with Giorgio! Watch out, Luxembourg!

  11. Florence |

    Love it!!! Such important advice during these dire times 😉

    • Sarah Colton |

      When the going gets tough, we Bad Girls spray on the perfume!

  12. Rubens Ramos Ferreira |

    This is a very, very serious campain: Distancing presents an EMERGENCY challenge for perfume seduction strategies.

    Thats from my dear Sarah Baker Perfumes and the Bad Girls Perfume author Sarah Colton makes use the LEOPARD perfume, created by my dear artist Sarah Baker. <3 💋🐆

    I am fascinated by SarahB's hand: everything she touches turns to gold: from perfume to her last campaign in partnership with Vercace – which not by chance had "spritz me what you love", by Angelina Brenda ( played by Sarah Baker), holding a bottle of Versace's seductive Dylan Blue Pour Femme/

    Rio de Janeiro, may 14 – Brasil

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hi Rubens, Thanks for your comment. So glad to meet up with you via our mutual friend, Sarah Baker. She’s something else, isn’t she? Her “Leopard’ fragrance is a wonderfully stealthy companion when I’m out urban jungle stalking, and I bet her mermaid fragrance, ‘Atlante’ , would wreak Holy Havoc on Copacabana beach !! Have you tried it? Do you have any other fragrances to recommend for social distancing? I’d love to hear. Meanwhile, stay Safe and Bad! Cheers, Sarah

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