Why did Sarah Baker Come to Florence for Pitti Fragranze 2019?

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Sarah Colton
 September 25, 2019
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Why did Sarah Baker come to Florence for Pitti Fragranze ?

Video Interview with Sarah Baker, owner of Sarah Baker Perfumes


SB reveals ALL !  


Sarah Baker Notable Quotes 


“I launched my brand, Sarah Baker Perfumes  at Esxence in Milan earlier this year, and I came to Pitti to meet up with friends and colleagues, smell perfumes, and talk to other brands.”


“‘Atlante’ is a very oceanic fragrance inspired by Mermaids and Aqua-men.”


“During my trip to Pitti Fragranze I worshipped Goddess of Perfume at Santa Maria Novella, I drank nightcaps with Imaginary Authors and Bogue, I smelled all of Acampora 54, I drank more nightcaps at the Duomo, and I recovered from shenanigans on our rooftop pool again– all thanks to mermaid Sarah Colton.”


“The backdrop of Florence is wonderful, with some of the oldest smelly shops in the world such as Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella.”





Recent Sarah Baker fragrances :

*Atlante – perfumer Sarah McCartney

*Rules of Attraction and Jungle Jezebel – perfumer Miguel Matos

*Charade – perfumer Andreas Wilhelm


Bottle designed by Sarah Baker

“Our lids are made in East London and feature the sb sun logo: a smile that reflects the joy we have when we spray our perfumes.”



Produced and Directed by Sarah Colton

Filmed  by Sarah Colton with special thanks to Sarah Baker for her fabulous pan of Florence from the roof-top pool terrace of the Hotel Minerva.

Edited by Catherine Villeminot

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  1. Marie Woodard |

    These fragrances must be sublime if favored by a Mermaid. Looking forward to enjoying them in person, possibly in some under-water grotto.

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