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Sarah Colton
 September 23, 2019
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Video Interview with Michelyn Camen, Editor in Chief, Publisher, and Art Director of  CaFleureBon.com


THE #1 niche, artistic, and natural fragrance site in the world.


Fresh content 365 days a year…



Michelyn Camen Notable quotes:


“I have the honor of working with 16 senior dedicated contributors.  All of them come from the arts, film, music, fine art.…”


“What is interesting and prescient…Ça Fleure Bon’s very first post [by Michel Roudnitska] was about ethical perfumery, the need for the perfume industry to stop cloning, and the need to treat fragrances with an artistic and spiritual point of view…. Nine years later it’s the same.”


“I don’t have a better concept for the word niche… Niche perfumery allows perfumers to flex their creative muscles…. Niche doesn’t have large advertising budgets… and isn’t engineered to smell the same on everybody…. It’s a very small but significant part of the fragrance industry. Driving the 96%.”


“Everyone perceives fragrance differently….If you don’t like it on you ? Try it on someone else.”


“At Ça Fleure Bon.com we don’t write negative reviews. With 16 dedicated perfume editors on hand, if we don’t have something good to say about a fragrance, we don’t write about it !”


“People who tell true stories…will be there for the long term.”


“It’s the people that inspire me, more so than the fragrances.”



Produced and Directed by Sarah Colton

Filmed and Edited by Catherine Villeminot

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  1. Nancy P Togar |

    Such a lovely film Congrats Sarah and Catherine!

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