Happy May 1st !


And absolutely DO have an entirely MERRY Month of May. 

Just remember one thing:  Bad Girl Perfume experts contend it was a lily of the valley fragrance that launched the sexual revolution. So use them ALL with abandon !     

Source checking:  Bad Girls Perfume. Chapter 2 The Two Faces of Eve “….It could be argued that the Sexual Revolution which defined the entire second half of the 20th century and is still going strong in the 21st, was triggered by a single white floral perfume in the hands of a very, very Bad Girl…. When Brigitte Bardot burst onto cinema screens as the character Juliette, in Roger Vadim’s 1956 film Et Dieu Créa la Femme (And God Created Woman), she literally embodied what was to become an entire generation of sexually empowered flower children. Juliette/Bardot’s youthful, pure, and blatant sexuality was so powerful that even she couldn’t manage it, and essentially drove every man in her life to distraction.

Her fragrance? Ah, but of course, and mais oui! It could have been none other than Christian Dior’s ‘Diorissimo’, a single floral lily of the valley fragrance created by one of the greatest perfumers in history, Edmond Roudnitska , in the same year as the film…..” pp 21-25. 



What has been YOUR experience with Diorissimo?  Are the printably?  If so, PLEASE let me know.


Do you have other Lily of the Valley fragrances to recommend?


Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.





  1. Maria Angelidou |

    Love Diorissimo! I only have a more recent version of it but love it! Guerlain’s Muguet is lovely and fresh and I want to try the new Lucky by Dior once the lockdown is over!

  2. Sarah Colton |

    Thanks for this, Maria,
    My Diorissimo is not an original version either, but like you I still love it, perhaps because I feel its carnal and classy power. Also REALLY looking forward to trying Dior’s “Lucky”. With lily of the valley and all those other “in your face” white florals — plus a huge pack of ozone — it’s bound to get us all into lots of trouble. xxx, Sarah

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