Sarah Baker Perfumed ‘Jazz-Hands’ Gel-Sanitizers

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Sarah Colton
 May 5, 2020

YAY !  So happy to be heading out the door for social distancing in safety AND style, thanks to my set of Sarah Baker ‘Jazz Hands’ gel sanitizers that arrived in the post today.


Each ‘Jazz Hands’ pack contains 4 x 50ml gel sanitizers perfumed with best-selling fragrances from Sarah’s House of Sarah Baker collections. So much fun smelling, picking, and choosing from “Greek Keys”, “Jungle Jezebel” “Atlante”, and “Charade”.


Sarah Baker “Jazz Hands” gel sanitizers. “Greek Keys”, “Jungle Jezebel” “Atlante”, and “Charade”



Free Give-Away

I’m having so much fun with my “Jazz Hands” and think they’re so fabulous, that I’m going to mail a full set of them to one lucky person.

To qualify to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below.


I have a little secret though. Although I love them all, I love “Jungle Jezebel” best of all and applied it first because, well ….it’s so wildly sensual that it’s absolutely PERFECT for seduction across social distancing. What else would you expect from a fragrance created by that handsome rake of a BAD BOY perfumer, Miguel Matos ? On top of that, the limited edition artist bottle of “Jungle Jezebel” has “Winning” attributes, and makes me laugh !



Bad Girls gotta use everything they’ve got….


As you can surely tell from this and previous posts, Here and Here, I’m excited about Sarah Baker and ALL her products because Sarah, American-born and living London, is so much more than a brand owner.

In addition to being a hands down Bad Girl, she’s an artist, play-write, actress, singer, wife, mother, friend, and humanitarian.


Indeed, the “Jazz Hands” project was born from Sarah’s personal and very human response to the pressing global Coronavirus challenge. A few weeks into the Coronavirus pandemic when she found that personal hand gels were sold out where she lives in London, she decided to do something about it. After checking out the formula recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) , and realizing it wasn’t terribly different from the processes and ingredients she was already using to make her perfumes, she whipped into ACTION.  The rest is history….. And, oh yes, all Jazz Hands sales include a 10% donation to Doctors Without Borders.


For more info about her products, fragrances, and points of sale nearest you, check out the full story on her website,

Is there a House of Sarah Baker fragrance that appeals to YOU more than the others?  I’d love to know.


Speaking for both Sarah B and Sarah C, the message is loud and clear:  Stay Safe AND Bad !



Sarah C.



  1. Nancy Togar |

    How I love your posts! Such fun and brings a happy smile to my posts. I will definitely get some of these! I love the story behind them.i will try to find in Turkey. Since it is difficult to get shipped here. Stay safe and wonderful.
    Love ❤️

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey Nancy,
      Glad you love my posts. I love DOING them! Also happy to know you’re all well. I can totally imagine you and all your crew sharing a bunch of these Sarah Baker hand sanitizers. You gotta meet Sarah B. She’s definitely one of us. xxx Sarah

  2. Olga Petrouchenko |

    Jungle Jezebel is a great choice! I couldn’t resist the flirty bottle either ☺️ It’s part of my collection now and obviously the queen of bad girls!

    • Sarah Colton |

      Totally agree, Olga! Who can resist that outrageously Bad Girl, Jungle Jezebel? She’s more than a handful, so be careful what you do with your ‘Jazz Hands’. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I heard she engages in ‘Under-Handed’ Social Distance Seduction. Is that BAD, or what !

  3. Jon Snow |

    Jungle Jezzabelle never could I be more curious about a fragrance ever with a name so good. The more I learn about Sarah Bakers house the more I want to delve right in 🙂

    • Sarah Colton |

      Uh, oh, Jon. Are you ever in for TROUBLE ! Once you get involved with the likes of ‘Jungle Jezebel’ and other such Sarah Baker Perfumes, you might never recover. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

  4. Marie Woodard |

    What a brilliant idea! My hands are rubbed & scrubbed so many times daily now…’twould be loverly if they were simultaneously fragranced!

    • Sarah Colton |

      It’s TOTALLY ‘loverly’, as you say, Marie. If we have to go around with our hands smelling like alcohol in order to stay safe, we might as well do it in style!

    • Despina Veneti |

      Wonderful idea, beautifully realized! I’d love to get my hands on these! 😀 I have great admiration for Sarah, her creativity never ceases to amaze me. My favorite of her fragrance collection is Lace, but I’ve yet to try Atlante and Charade. Thank you for the lovely contest, love, Despina xx

  5. Sarah Baker |

    Thank you so much for the wonderful post and video! I was a bit surprised that you took Jungle Jezebel first! But then, you’re the original bad girl so I guess it makes sense 🙂 It’s such a wild fragrance and it suits you, bad girl. Xx

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey Sarah,
      As you know, I love all your fragrances, but JJ, well she just flashed past the other ‘Jazz Hands’ coming out of box…. Thanks for all YOU’re doing. Stay Safe and bad. Cheers, Sarah

  6. eric |

    Awesome video and website! jungle jezebel is the one I want to try first! – @havenleescents

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey Eric,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad you like my videos and website. Looking forward to seeing you out there in the jungle with our girl, JJ !

      Meanwhile, stay Safe and bad.
      Cheers, Sarah

  7. Queen_of_niche_fragrances |

    I would love these as I’m a frontline health worker. I’m part way through Sarah’s discovery pack and Jungle Jezebel is just WOW and that delights and amazes me in equal measure as I usually struggle with Tuberose but not in this beauty. Thanks so much for your generosity and a fantastic opportunity

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hi there, Queen of Niche Fragrances,
      I bet the people you work with LOVE you.

      I agree, JJ is quite the girl as she manages the tuberose just right, all the while giving free rein to her wild exuberance.
      Thanks for all you’re doing for the community.

      Stay Safe and bad. Cheers, Sarah

  8. Carisa Tyler |

    I just found you on Insta because I love all things fragrance but I’m really enjoying all your content! Greek Keys & Leopard are two of my fave Sarah Baker scents, but I have yet to try Jungle Jezebel, Charade & Atlante- they all sound so unique. I bet Jungle Jezebel is your favorite! 😉

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hi Carisa,
      As you probably figured out from my earlier video, I have a real soft spot for “Leopard” – she’s such a , sneaky, predatory animal. As for the ‘Jazz Hands’, I love all them all, and choose according to whichever Bad Girls Perfume circumstances I’m working in… Since Paris during lock down has been pretty quiet, JJ helped me liven things up!.

      Stay Safe and bad. Cheers, Sarah

  9. Catherine Villeminot |

    What a great way to be using perfumes during the pandemic! 🤩

    • Sarah Colton |

      Hey Catherine. Yes, it’s so smart. Love it that Sarah Baker acted on her idea and her existing perfume making resources to respond to the important health need. And in such a Bad Girls Perfume way!

  10. Elisabeth |

    Fantastic! I’m going to order some now!! I want to be Bad and safe!

    • Sarah Colton |

      You’ll be thrilled when you get them. Totally fun to be safe, Bad and Jazzy!

  11. Flo |

    If only all hand sanitizers could be jazzy…<3

    • Sarah Colton |

      Totally agree. I was really getting tired of raw smelling hand sanitizers. Now we have a fun and jazzy alternative.

  12. Sarah Colton |

    YAY ! We have a winner – or rather, winner(S)! FIFTEEN, to be exact!

    So happy and fun to have heard from so many Bad Girls AND Boys Perfume lovers here, and ALL social media. Thanks to ALL of you.

    THE BIG WINNER of the @houseofsarahbaker ‘Jazz Hands’ set of 4 gel sanitizers is:

    OLGA Petrouchenko of @PERFUMEDAZE and

    Congratulations! and Thanks, Olga, for all your fun and informative comments all over social media, as well as your numerous shares and tags!

    Please EMAIL me at with your mailing addresses* so I can send you your @houseofsarahbaker ‘Jazz Hands’ ASAP.


    Because my Inner Bad Girl is feeling particularly Happy today (code for Out of Control – YIKES!)

    I’m going to send a signed** copy of my book, “Bad Girls Perfume”, to:

    ALL of you who made comments for this webpage post

    Nancy Togar

    Jon Snow

    Marie Woodard

    Despina Veneti

    Sarah Baker


    Queen of Niche Fragrances

    Carisa Tyler

    Catherine Villeminot




    ADDITIONAL winners are




    For your many comments and tags All Over Kingdom Come!

    Is that Bad, or what!

    Please EMAIL me at with your mailing addresses* so I can send your books, and you can catch up on even more outrageous “Bad Girls Perfume Tips and Tales”.

    Mailing Address* (Please include an email address and telephone number)

    Signed** (I can only send Signed copies to addresses in Europe and the UK. For the moment, I’m out of signed copies outside this region. 🙁

    Special thanks to @houseofsarahbaker for being such a clever Bad Girl, and for coming up with these potentially life-saving ‘Jazz Hands’ gel sanitizers, just when the world needs them most !

    Stay BAD and SAFE. xxxSarah C

  13. Wearescentient |

    Sarah Baker is definitely on my must try list & if I can get my grubby hands on the Divine bottle of Jungle Jezebel I will! I’m a big John Waters fan. & now a Miguel Matos one, miracle of roses came last week & I spent the day sniffing myself. Thank you for your generousness, I’m very looking forward to reading it!

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