Plume Impression

After a whirlwind adventure in Cannes during the TFWA trade-show, the rich and storied Plume Impression fragrance brand, has alighted again at Jovoy Paris.     Meanwhile, stories abound of rivalries and intrigue around an alluring and powerful queen circulating mysteriously in capitals throughout the world. Recently spotted in Cannes, she appears to have taken […]

Cannes 2019 MESONSOL

    Dazzling and sunny Cannes, the epi-center of the solar system during the TFWA trade-fair, was the perfect venue for the French launch of Mesonsol, a bright new light in the world of niche fragrances.   What is so unique about the composition of Mesonsol fragrances ?   Brand owner Tamas TAGSCHERER sheds light […]

Why Did JoshMeyer Come to PittiFragranze 2019 ?

    Escape Literature Josh Meyer and his Imaginary Authors fragrances carry us to a fantastic world.   Beyond insane. Beyond Fake News. Fun. Outrageous.     For More Info:     Video: Produced and Directed by Sarah Colton Edited by Catherine Villeminot Special thanks to Sarah Baker of Sarah Baker Perfumes for her […]

Why Did Spyros Drosopoulos Come to Florence For Pitti Fragranze 2019 ?

  Seems to have something to do with an extremely rare perfume raw material from Greece, and then of course – well, there’s Florence !   Spyros’ brand, BARUTI  is an Independent perfume house from Amsterdam combining novelty with wearability. Baruti Fragrances include: Indigo, Perverso, Chai, Tindrer, Dama Koupa, Berlin In Winter, Onder de Linde, […]

Michelyn Camen — Ç — Editor in Chief

  Video Interview with Michelyn Camen, Editor in Chief, Publisher, and Art Director of   THE #1 niche, artistic, and natural fragrance site in the world.   Fresh content 365 days a year…     Michelyn Camen Notable quotes:   “I have the honor of working with 16 senior dedicated contributors.  All of them […]

Prudence Paris ‘Alexis’

Prudence Paris, launched ‘Alexis’, the fifth fragrance in its Men’s fragrance line in March at Esxence Milan 2015. Created in honor of the deceased Comte Patrick de Vienne, a French adventurer who lived his passions as a pilot, horseman, hotelman, and entrepreneur on three continents, the fragrance was presented by Alexis de Vienne, son of […]