Spring Fever and L’EAU DE TAÏPI by Jardins D’Écrivains

 L’EAU DE TAÏPI Exotic Water Body Splash Cologne by Jardins D’Écrivains. The perfect antidote for “Spring Fever” and the Late-Winter Blues after more than a year of the Covid-19 pandemic. Fragrance Give-away. *TWO 300 ml family-size bottles of L’EAU DE TAÏPI generously offered by 1) François Hénin, founder and owner of Jovoy Paris Parfums Rares […]

Sweet Dreams From Bad Girls Perfume

  SWEET DREAMS from Bad Girls Perfume Fragrance Give Away.  See below. This video is dedicated to the wellbeing and peace of mind of world-wide fragrance community.  Whether I know you in person or through social media, I am continually amazed and thankful for the inspiration, positive energy, and support I feel  in your presence […]

Bad Girls Perfume vs SocialDistancing —– Part II —– The 30-Foot Challenge

Challenges. Challenges.  IF Bad Girls are good at anything it’s using the power of perfume to turn challenges to their advantage    As you might recall from a previous post and video, “Social Distancing – Part I – The 6-Foot Challenge”    the LOUD, Predatory, and Stealthy fragrances Bad Girls Perfume recommended for 6-foot seduction […]

Sarah Baker Perfumed ‘Jazz-Hands’ Gel-Sanitizers

YAY !  So happy to be heading out the door for social distancing in safety AND style, thanks to my set of Sarah Baker ‘Jazz Hands’ gel sanitizers that arrived in the post today.   Each ‘Jazz Hands’ pack contains 4 x 50ml gel sanitizers perfumed with best-selling fragrances from Sarah’s House of Sarah Baker […]

Perfume Power in the Time of Coronavirus

Might perfumistas be the safest people on the planet these days ?       Presenting the case for Perfumed Soaps – Perfumed Hand Sanitizers – Alcohol Based Perfumes.     Video Cast of Characters   INSPIRING – “Peau d’Ambrette” by Atelier Materi Sensuous and reassuring as cashmere, crisp and invigorating as poplin, “Peau d’Ambrette” […]

1+1 Hongkong Oolong — The 1st NEZ perfume experience

    A limited edition fragrance to accompany a bi-annual perfume periodical?     Jeanne Doré, NEZ Editor in Chief, and Maurice Roucel the perfumer explain…     On November 6, NEZ the olfactory magazine launched “1+1 Hongkong Oolong” by Maurice Roucel and Alan Chan.   1+1 Hongkong Oolong A limited edition perfume born from […]

Cannes 2019 MESONSOL

    Dazzling and sunny Cannes, the epi-center of the solar system during the TFWA trade-fair, was the perfect venue for the French launch of Mesonsol, a bright new light in the world of niche fragrances.   What is so unique about the composition of Mesonsol fragrances ?   Brand owner Tamas TAGSCHERER sheds light […]

Cannes 2019 Mariella Martinato

    In the courtyard of the Hotel Majestic, Cannes, at the time of TFWA, Maurizio de Marchi introduces me to ‘White Gold’ and ‘Black Silver’, the first two fragrances of his brand, Mariella Martinato, known throughout the world for its exquisitely crafted small leather and personal accessories.   Full of citruses, florals, and spices, […]

Why did Sarah Colton come to Florence for Pitti Fragranze 2019?

    Lots of reasons…. There’s Pitti Fragranze, of course.  And then, well, there’s FLORENCE !       Video: Produced and Directed by Sarah Colton Edited by Catherine Villeminot Special thanks to Sarah Baker of Sarah Baker Perfumes for her wicked videography and pann of Florence from the roof top pool of the Hotel […]

Why did Amal Al Habsi go to PittiFragranze 2019?

    I very much appreciated the positive spirit and reassuring presence of Amal Al Habsi and her brand, Bubbles, circulating in the halls of Pitti Fragrance.   Handmade and 100% organic natural perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, and home products from Oman.       Video: Produced and Directed by Sarah Colton Edited by Catherine Villeminot […]